giovedì 16 febbraio 2012

New York calls 3

Hello everyone !!
I'm back with the second reportage from the F/W NY Shows.... In few days there will be the London fashion week! Exactly tomorrow the London FW will begin ! Anway, today the leatest shows from New York...

First of all Carlos Miele, that present a spanish-mexican winter ! Very strange but wonderfull.... ponchos and spanish-like hats give the country style to the look. The evening-dresses (headpieces of the maison) are wonderfull and with a touch of old.west...very original !

How can I forget the Princess ?? Who ? Diane Von Furstemberg obiuvsly ! Classy , classy and an other time CLASSY ! The collection is very elegant , made for a girl that want be elegant but fresh and young togheter.... Bright colors and soft forms .... how I said very classy !

And now.. Vera Wang ! Soft and strong togheter.... some dresses are light brown and sand.... a little bit boring.. But than theres some ery interesting dresses !! Orange , silver and light blue... Very inspiring !

The last one for NYC Fashion week is.......Marchesa ! The most european of the merican designers...In fact the collection look a little bit much inspired by Alexander Mcqueen... Some dresses are quite similar to the F/W Mcquuen  11/12... Any way the most art of the collection is original and verry elegant. A lot of evening dresses and "gran galà"  dresses ! quite well...

And wth this designers we end the reportage from New York City! Tomorrow i wll post the calendar of the London Shows.... And as always.... Stay Tuned !!

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