martedì 21 febbraio 2012

The Extravagant London 3

Hello !!
Today is the last day for the english shows.... I'm so sad :( but not much, because if the London shows end...Milan begins !!
In fact, today evening I say goodbye to London and return in Italy for the Milan Fashion Week !
Any way..... the last review from UK :

First of all McQ Alexander Mcqueen.... I loved him ! And now I love the style of Sarah Burton !
As always I'm surprised by her.... men and women on the catwalk... Very impressive the hairstyles !!!
50's with a touch of mistery and darkness.... Black brown a little bit of color in some clothes... the wardrobe of a fashion and glamours devil ! And the men ?? Just a beautyfull accessory for the McQueen Woman !!

The next one... Christopher Kane ! Wow ! Just wow !!! Black white blue and red...the only four color he used...wonderfull ! The printed tissues are the most interesting things... leopard print and an other one that 's look like a frozen flower (I love it !)

The last one for the UK shows...  A designer that I've never heard ( Have you do ?) anyway .... I really like the shows... Very strange. Some dresses look like only a casual mix of pieces of tissues (not relly nice) but some others are wonderfull !! All the colors are used and no doubt about the creativity !! Sure that she's appropriate for London.. The capital of the new talent of fashion !!!

Did you enjoyed the shows ?? I rellay do ! Every year I come to London and I say myself  " there's nothing else (and new) that I can see moe... " But Every time  I return full of inspirations !! Great Work !! See you soon in Milan !!
P.s. tomorrow the calendar of the Italian Shows !

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  1. I love all the entire collection of Alexander McQueen <3


  2. me gusta mucho la colección!

  3. Thanks a lot, your blog is greate to :)

  4. Hi There, you have very nice, stylish and cool blog, I love collection from Alexander Mc Queen. I follow you hope You will follow me back :) Meggie Thanks

  5. the last designer is called Mary Katratzou and she is a Greek :) she did a collaboration with top shop recently.. :)
    lovely blog!I'm following you ;)