lunedì 20 febbraio 2012

The Extravagant London 2

Hello !!
I'm here with the first review from the London Fashion Week ! Creativity and originality are the keywords of the week. Strange clothes and accessories , bright colors , crazy cuts and tissues ! I love London Fashion Week !!

First of all I want to talk about Vivienne Westwood Red Label ! A little bit more sober than usual, but wonderfull ! Big foulards and soft-drapd dresses.... Some pieces that are the signature of the designer (as the one with yellow/black strips). The neckline of some dresses is wonderfull and very stylish !!!

Felder Felder is an other one that I really like ! More Fall than Winter.... warm colors : brown , yellow, red and some touchs of blue (my favourite color). The most wonderfull details is the printed tissues that is similar to a impressionist paints ! A lots of colors put togheter.... I really like it !  The best shows of the week !

The last one for today is Mulberry ! Fur and heavy tissues (appropriate for the cold seaseon !)  Yellow, gray, black and light blue are the most-used colors. I really like the use of the fur for jackets , skirts and whole dresses too ! Very good !

Till now the London Week likes me more than New York One. Colors and tessues are very intersting and trendy ! I'm quite sure that next season we will see some shows like such as those of this year !

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  1. Hey there!

    I love your blog presentation and your concise commentary on LFW. Can't wait to read more!

    P/S: I;ve followed your blog ;)

    Dunia Fashyon

  2. hey thanks for commenting^^
    love all the collections!
    follow back?

  3. Amazing collections. Love Vivienne Westwood's one! Thanks for visiting, following your amazing blog :)

  4. Very very good and fine blog, im in love cuz i feel like in Paris, NY or England in your blog!