venerdì 29 marzo 2013


Hello everyone!
Today I present a collection of jewelry inspired by a planet very close to us ... the moon.
The moon makes it very romantic and magical our evenings .... illuminates the darkness of the night and makes us more beautiful illuminating with its soft white light ...
The pieces I have chosen are from different collections and different prices (all quite high unfortunately) but it's nice to dream sometimes ... is not it?

 This is the last post before Easter ....



Chanel Joaillerie

Percossi Papi

domenica 24 marzo 2013

World Water Day

Hello to all!
I just returned from a weekend in Urbino where I had a great time! Because of my absence, I could not write a post two days ago on World Water Day.
That environmental sustainability is an issue that is close to my heart,because scarcity of water in some parts of the world means death !

Many celebrities have given their face as testimonial for this occasion, too. Keira Knightely, Kelly Brook, Kimberly Stewart and Lily Cole posed as sirens for photographer Candice, founder of charity association Fresh2o, for the campaign "Celebrity Underwater", aiming at raising awareness on the scarceness of drinking water in the third world countries. The sales proceedings will be given to the projects of various associations.
I hope you with me you care about this cause and do your best to safeguard this increasingly scarce resource!



domenica 17 marzo 2013

Circle skirt

Hello to all!
After the end of the shows continues my "trends of the season" ... today I decided to tell you about the skirt!
I wrote this post after a week in which I watched all 6 series of Gossip Girl . Sober, elegant  and classy style of Blair Waldorf fascinate me so much ! Anyway....
If we think of the circle skirt our mind immediately goes to the 50s and the style celebrated all over the world thanks to Christian Dior. To relive that same mood, also seen in the  film Sabrina starring Audrey Hepburn, fashion designers propose ample circle skirts that add a twist to next winter....


Dolce & Gabbana
Duro Olowu


Olympia Le Tan


sabato 9 marzo 2013

A$AP Rocky

Hello everyone!
Today we speak of a man in the spotlight!
A rapper ... very trendy and discussed ... A $ ASP Rocky!
Have a duet with Rihanna and Lana Del Rey on his resume and a beating to a paparazzo make it a full-fledged VIP!  In an interview for L'uomo Vogue  the singer said about his first album LongLiveAsap :

“I used a very unorthodox approach in my first CD Live.Love.A$AP. I had a very clear vision of what I wanted to produce. At the same time, I felt the need to show everyone what I could do. Therefore, everything – from the choice of beats to the lyrics – was all my own doing and fully represented me. Yet for my second album, I felt I needed to expand my horizons and to involve more people, while maintaining my personality. That’s why you can find tracks like Hell or PMW, which are an evolution of what I did on my previous album, besides new material like the song with Skrillex. Repeating myself would have been a waste of time for me and my listener”.

Here's the shooyin for the cover story of the March Issue :

giovedì 7 marzo 2013

La vie en rose à la mode 2

Hello everyone!
Did you miss me? the shows have continued in Paris and I have not lost one!
Here the best French fashion show!





I wait U tomorrow for the rest of the shows !! I hope you like the shows I choose !!
xo xo