lunedì 27 febbraio 2012

Milan sweet Milan 5

Hello !!
I' ve "relax day" yesterday... but the shows go on !!! Today the last review of the Milano fashion week ! But don't worry I will stay with you in the next days for reviewing the Paris Shows !!
So where were we ? oh yes the 26th and 27th shows !
Dolce & Gabbana are th first !! the collection were wonderfull and the models were great (expecially my beloved Bianca Balti ) Th dresses are inspired by Sicilia, Baroque style like at the court of Bourbon ! the fabrics are Embroidered ... Similar to the damask ! really wonderfull !!

An other shows I really like is the one of Acquilano.Rimondi that presented a different collection... rigorous and geometric... the forms and the volumes are very educed and well defined. Just some coktail dresses and no one evening dresses ( what's a pity !) A very particular thing.... two-or three dresses made the models like an obese person !!! 

The next one.... Giorgio Armani ! there isn't a Milan fashion Week without him !! A very spring girl on the catwalk , a little bit rigorous because she's wearing a tailleur but so solar with the colored details ! And for one time the models smiled ! very strange but funny  !! I know that I shouldn't but i have to publish a photo of Brian Boy. At the show he was wearing a pair of transparent pants which reveal the underwear !! I spent half time seeing this guy and thinking "how much idiot is he ??" ahahahah

The last one designer a comment is Roberto Cavalli an other MUST of the italian shows !!
The keyword is animal prints ! Tiger print, zebra print and any other animal you can think ! It seems that Cavalli think to a woman like an animal that have to be very strong for sourviving in the today's word ! i really appreciate it ! Big news : Namoi campbell have marched on the catwalk with the last dress ! luckly she is 
withdrew !! she looked like a fat old person (just the face was nice but just beacuse she had a lot of plastic surgery !)

These are te Milan Fashion shows !! I hope you enjoyed it as much as me !!! But there isn't time to relax !! Just tomorrow I have to be in Paris for the last Big Fashion Week ! So I say (very sadly)  goodbye to Milan and welcome to Paris !! Tomorrow I'll publish th calendar of the french shows !! Bye !!!

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  1. There are some really incredible pieces here! Love all of the gorgeous floral prints!

  2. Hi!
    I'm a big texture and print fan, so Cavalli and Armani are my favorites here. Thanks for sharing the pic of Brian Boy.Looks kind of funny!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm your new follower and hope you do the same!

    DC2NYConfessions Blog

  3. wow, the collection from Cavalli is so pretty!