giovedì 24 gennaio 2013

HIgh dreams...High fashion 2

Hello to all!
Today are finished the high fashion shows in Paris!
I am very sorry but now begin the real global fashion weeks! New York, London, Milan and Paris and I can not wait to start!
In this post I show you the three collections that most struck me:

The first is that the maison Valentino with his class and elegance gave us another dreaming collection. Clothes that are worn only by princesses of fairy tales .... Some very austere clothes instead give the impression of being in the 800 'but  really fit with the mood of the show! A great job!

Another designer who has made ​​of the elegance his trademark is definitely Elie Saab! When I look at his clothes always think of some Arab queen invited to a grand soiree! The colors used are a perfect match with the dark skin of the middle east women as well as the white skin of Northern Europe women! A master key for every woman who wants appear elegant and refined!
 Wonderful the last model with a wedding dress fit ideal for a Real Queen !

The last designer of today  is Zuhair Murad. Because today I feel romantic this designer is really suitable!
Creations very well mixed between romance and sex appeal ... a perfect union that would make any woman irresistible! Intense colors, gold and silver make the Z.M. woman a beautiful and impossible!

I hope U like this rview and I can't wait for publishing the calendar of the NY fashion week !! See U soon !!

martedì 22 gennaio 2013

High dreams...High fashion

Waiting the calendars of fashion weeks ... Enjoy a nice post on the first part of the Haute Couture fashion shows taking place in Paris!

It 's always a joy to see his collection! I'm talking about Giambattista Valli course! In recent years, I was really amazed by his work ... Skirts are back in 50's style and the colors from black to more subtle pastel!
Average lengths for cocktail dresses but the best GV place it on the evening dresses rich of  fabrics, ribbons, applications and class!

Another strong point of the made ​​in Italy is definitely Atelier Versace!
the usual strength and character make the woman a warrior!
but with style of course! light fabrics and in contrast with the fur (strange for summer). Do not miss the bright colors typical of the summer collections. metallic fabrics a vague reference to Greek mythology complete a look that's  really winning!

 The last designer of which I speak today would not be Dior or Chanel (because I do not really like) but a designer who makes the real Haute Couture! Iris van Harpern!
The fashion is to create clothes special fabrics, unusual yet classy! it is here that we see the skill of the designer and seamstresses!
You only need to see the pictures, which even me don't belive , to see the tremendous work they have done for realize this collection! IvH is a genius !!

Did U enjoy the post ?? stay tnued for the secon part of the reviews of the Haute Couture Shows in Paris ! In a pair of day I write to you the calendars of the the fashion week too !!! A full month is waiting me !!! So exiting !!!