martedì 31 gennaio 2012

A new way to create

Hello everyone !!
Today, more photos and less talk ! Here are some creation of the winners of the scholarship for the Master in fashion style at IED (European Institute of Design ).





What's your favourite ?

giovedì 26 gennaio 2012

High Inspiration 4

Hello !!
Yesterday are finished the shows i Paris, ad today I'm ready to review them for you !

Last day have presented their collection two of my favourite maison ever !
First of all, Valentino . Two creative director is better than one , infact tha maison Valentino has presented a wonderfull collection. A fresh romantic and elegant girl,is a praise to carefree life, to joy and sweetness. long dresses with a lot of prints . Semi-trasparency and elgegant cuts put togheter make the collection really classy but modern at the same time ! Wonderfull !!

Last designer I talk about is Jean Paul Gautier. He made a great tribute to Amy Winehouse. All the models are rigged and combed as Amy and the clothes are cleary inpired by her. Only J.P can put togheter haute couture and rock n'roll. Really fine the idea of the tribute ! Very good !!

With this I finished the reviews from Paris ! have I forgotten any designer that you lik ? tell me with a comment, I put the photos and a little comment in the post of saturday ! Have a good day !!

mercoledì 25 gennaio 2012

High Inspiration 3

Hello everyone !
This is definitely an interesting and unexpected season for the level of research seen in these collections. Yesterday others collections are presented.... here is for you a little review of it !
First of all Chanel, that was a little bit undertone than in previous years... Little dresses inspired by the hostess uniforms, blue in every tone and a lot of black ! Very simple dresses , only few dresses are "hight" ... not in the standards of Chanel... I don't really like this collection , but I love color blue so vote : B+ not more...

Nature and future are the hinges of the show of Giorgio Armani. Dresses in very natural colors, green , and light blue. The materials are instead very technical and futuristic. The Eden of the Future could be the theme of the show. An other time King Giorgio is one of the best in fashion word !! Very good !!

I wait yo tomorrow for the last review from the fashion weck ! BYE

martedì 24 gennaio 2012

High Inspiration 2

hello everyone !
i promised you i'll review the french fashion weck for you, so.... The first big designer I talk about is Versace.
For her is the first time in houte couture in 5 years. The mini-collection (just few dresses) is inspired by the historical dresses of that maison.... from the mermaid dresses to the biker outfits. Such e success !!

The secon one is Christian Dior with his new creative director Bill Gayten has presented a really interesting collection.
 He mixed the 50's style with the 700' elegance. flared skirts is alterned with big and larg skirts like Marie Antoinette. Colors ar very soft for the clothes in 50's style (that are inspired by the most famous and historical pieces of the maison) for the evening dresses are exencially 2 black and white  . Really good !

An other great success is for Gianbattista Valli, that is a master of the high fashion. Halfway between Chanel and Alexandre Mcqueen , Valli has mixed the different style of the great designers. The elegance of Chanel and the particular details of tipic of Mcqueen. The most part of the collection is only black and white but the evening dresses are really bright !! Really a master pieces !!

I wait you tomorrow for the leatest news from Paris and the Houte Couture Fashion Weck !!