martedì 24 aprile 2012

The Earth Day

Hello !!

Just two days ago was the Earth Day.
An annual day on which events are held worldwide to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth's natural environment. And the World of fashion doesn't want to be indifferent about the event !
Giselle Bundchen published on tweeter a her nacked photo !
Obiouvsly she was wonderfull... She looked like a Nature Godness !
Under the photo she wrote : "Today is the Earth Day! Our health depends on the health of our planet. Let’s take care of our beautiful home."

I'm completely agree with her ! The earth is the base of our existence ! we have to save  her..She is our mother !

sabato 21 aprile 2012

Armani for Lady Gaga

Hello everyone !!
A big new in the fashion sistem ! Giorgio Armani designed fuor new looks for the "Born this way ball" of Lady Gaga, that will start in Asia... The looks are spectacular and very scenic course . The most important things, in addition to the volumes and  important shapes , are the  materials such as latex, studs, metal and PVC.
Giorgio Armani said about :

"Collaborating with Lady Gaga is a new experience for me every time. I like his ability to use fashion as a scenic element to build his character. She is an artist of great talent and intelligence, to create costumes for her is a really exciting creative exercise. "
What's your favourite one ??


mercoledì 11 aprile 2012

100 fashion Icons

Hi dearligs !
just few days ago the famous  american magazine "Time" published the top 100 fashion icons list (from 1923 to today). Such a great new ! The list is divided in 5 categories : First of all th designers... From the older to the younger, and don't miss names like Valentino, Coco Chanel, Luis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Christobal Balenciaga.

After the designers it's the turn of the models... the woman that give a face to the fashion world , the job that all of us dream to do but only few of us has the suitable body and beauty for becaming a model... Anyway not just model on the list naturally...  But Supermodels like Iman , Naomi Campbell and Lind Evangelista ! The most important models ever ! (What a pity that the supermodels era is ended... don't you think ? )

But who are the most important element of a shooting ? and who can make fabulous every model ?
The photographers obiuvsly ! And infact the third category is for them ! The most influent and the ones that made photos for the greatest fashion magazines in the world  ! They're Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz, Helmut Newton , Mario Testino and Steven Meisel

 And the fourth category is dedicated to the editors and the stylist !! All the women and men that created and made the fashion world the most wonderfull field in the universe ! The most inportant are nautrally Anna Wintour, Franca Sozzani and Grace Coddington. But there are some name that are in the history of fashion : an example over the others is Diane Vreeland !

 The last one category is the most important I think... It's dedicated to the Muses ! All te women and the men that inspired the desingers in the past years and today:
in this category there is place for Lady Gaga, Madonna and the Beatles.
But not only singers... there's Lady Diana Spancer , Michelle Obama, Andy Warhol, Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.

I really like this list, but I don't like that some great names are escluded... An example over all : Marylin Monroe
(Sorry for the layout but is very difficult post too much photos...)

martedì 3 aprile 2012

A Bright trasparency

Hello darlings !!
This morning i was on the web and saw this wonderfull pics of the new brand... Bragia.
 So I researched some informations and here's what I found :
Craftsmanship, an emotional and artistic approach to color, fluid shapes and precious fabric are the  signature features of the style of Bragia, the brand created by Alessandra Torella and Santo Costanzo.

This is the S/S 12' collection... I hope the bright colors and the trasparency will beome the most followed trend this summer ! Such a sexy mix !

 I think they're very interesting and original ! What do you think about ?