mercoledì 21 marzo 2012

Vogue Netherlands

Good morning fans !

After the ending of the world's fashion shows I took some time for relaxing (and attending the university lessons !) For the return on the web I tought to a big new ! And what is a biggest new that the opening of a new Vogue issue ?? In fact in April,  Condè Nast decides to publish the hollander version of the bible of fashion !
The editor in chief is karin Swerink and here on the right the first cover (the april issue) .
The cover stars are the Dutch model Romee Strijd, in an Acne dress, alongside Ymre Stiekema in Valentino and Josefien Rodermans in Chanel, photographed by Marc De Groot.
From today to the whole month of april you can find the First issue of Vogue Netherlands on the news-stand !
Run to buy it ! It will be a collection issue !

xo xo

giovedì 8 marzo 2012

A dream in Paris 5

Hello !
Unlucky the french shows are ended and I'm back in Italy.... But not before reviewing the last two days of shows !

For Valentino, black is the predominant color for the winter. It's used in all materials from lace to leather, wool tulle. Do not miss the classic Valentino-red dress(always wonderful). Some dresses woven like a carpet and adds a folk touch to the collection. Elegance and refinement are always  a Must for the couple Chiuri- Piccioli (creative directors of the house).

An other great designer is Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel !  The scenery was beautiful! I thought "who knows such amazing collection we'll see !" ..... Actually I don't really liked ... Some pieces are very colored and very light fabrics and charming, but most are really boring. The typical clothes that when you do not know what to put on the runway and add a few items at last minute ..... I think that Lagerfeld is aging and that he hasn't the skills and the passion than once! What's a pity  ... Perhaps it is time for retirement!

True creativity is by Alexander McQueen! A very futuristic  and "massive" woman. Volumes and fabrics (chiffon and tulle) give particular forms to clothing. describe them is so complicated ... are simply fabulous!
 The most wonderfull shows of these days !!!

The last  one is the one of Luis Vuitton !!
A traveller woman! Natural colors and very bright, exotic fantasies....
  we are leaving on a trip back in time at the beginning of 900. itseems to see the fashion  of the 20's  during the maiden voyage of the TitanicThe Clothes are divine! Amagnificent conclusion for the Paris fashion Week !!

Here end the reviews of the All Fashion Week ! Don't forget of the minor fashion week.... in the next days I'll review the minor week all aroud the world ! Stay tuned !! xo xo

lunedì 5 marzo 2012

A dream in Paris 4

Hello !!!
I'm back with the leatest news from Paris Fashion Week ! A lot of fun , a lot of ideas and a lot of dresses...  I wanna live in Paris forever !!!
In these days some Big presented !
Firstly John Galliano ! I felt as I was in Ascot during a Horse racing ! The hats were wonderfull and the collection in general liked me a lot !
Earth colors, baggy clothing alternate with more rigorous and simple.Stockings Suspenders on sight, checkered prints ... The elements of a modern style bohemieen.The fluidity of evening dresses ... It seems to see the models dressed in fog and clouds.. Fantastic

And now the British that decided to present her collections in Paris ! Vivienne Westwood !
Crazy as usual! The models wear 15 cm heels, torn stockings and clothes stolen from the male wardrobe. A decayed dancer who relives the golden years.She puts the costumes for the last time and ,a little confused , go on the catwalk! Very nice collection!

And finally Jean Paul Gaultier  ! A little bit undestated as  his collection... but  interesting.
Classic pastel colors, are interspersed with touches of bright color: orange fur and bright red belts. Skirts and bronze-rolled dresses give to the look a touch of rock and roll. The last dress is wonderfull (the first here).... it looks like a painting of picasso !!

This is the end of this review ! In the next days the last one from Paris!! xo xo