mercoledì 13 agosto 2014

Happy Holidays , Goodbye !

Good morning citizens!
How are you? I'm sorry not to have posted anything in the last few days but I am very busy with the move into my new home! Unfortunately now for another 10 days will not be there because tomorrow I leave for the holidays! I will spend my holidays in Sukosan in Croatia (though the name seems Japanese XD), on my return I will show you the pictures taken and I will tell my holidays on the boat of friends with whom we will visit some of the islands off the Croatian coast !
I take the 'opportunity to sautarvi and wish you happy holidays! I'll see you when I get back !!


venerdì 1 agosto 2014

Lady Gaga ft. Tony Bennett

Good afternoon citizens!
how are you? Today I propose a news,that maybe some of  you (and I refer to American readers) already know, but here in Italy is a fresh news!
It seems that Lady Gaga, after the disappointing album "Artpop" have decided to try again with releasing an album in collaboration with singer Tony Bennett (known voice of American jazz and swing music)!
The album (which is available now on I-Tunes a single: Anything Goes) is clearly inspired to the world of jazz, leaving little space for pop music. Now just see how the audience will react ... Lady Gaga will be reborn like a phoenix from its ashes or  this album will mark the disappearance from the scene of Lady Germanotta?
We'll see!


mercoledì 30 luglio 2014

Summer Must: Straw Bag

Sensi Studio
Good morning citizens!
Have you missed me? Today I present the list of MUST bags for the summer! Obviously I'm talking about the straw bags! They are super-practical for the sea and the beach, spacious and very colorful. They are also perfect for those who remain in the city to bring a touch of Maldives always with you!
I do a little review of those I prefer from the windows of some famous brands! But as always, you can take a cue from them and copy the trend with a little more affordable pieces! 


                                   Dolce&Gabbana                                           Fendi

                                   Sensi Studio                                           Anya Hindmarch

                                     Tory Burch                                              Micheal Kors

domenica 27 luglio 2014

Black Celebration

Good morning citizens
how are you? You know how much I like the color black! I have already talked about in a few posts that I like to dress in black even in summer, and not only at night but also during the day! Anna Dello Russo says, "why would anyone notice me if I wear a simple black coat?" and I say, it depends on what season it is! Summer is always the season of bright colors prints and drawings. Well this year I decided to revisit the look of Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl, and dress in black or dark blue for the whole 'summer! I know it is a bit strange, but because people should never notice me if I'm dressed like everyone else?

Just for good measure I propose images of the exhibition that was held in Rome a few days ago, "Black Celebration"


giovedì 24 luglio 2014

Lana Del Rey like a Klimt Portrait

Good morning citizens!
how are you?
Till the weather does not improve and I can not stay all day in the gym today I started to write a post on the beautiful Lana Del Rey!
I propose to you a portrait that Thierry Guetta (aka Mr. Brainwah) compose for her. Well, Del Rey has become a portrait of Klimt!  

One of my favorite artists of the last century! Here is the result of the work of contemporary artist (besides a series of photos of the artist and of his other works!)


martedì 22 luglio 2014

Sometimes is Too Much

Good afternoon citizens!
how are you? today I want to talk about a bit controversial topic... the style and class!
First let me say that in recent years the class is definitely lost ... a few remained, designers, offering a classy collections, suitable for everyone and objectively beautiful!
The thing that bothers me the most is that the new generation of designers comed out of fashion schools are drifting creativity just to prove to be able to create avante-garde something , then ending up in ridiculous and kich!
Maybe I can be against the majority ... I do not know and I do not care because I think that's the beauty of the fashion world is that everyone is free to say what you think! Tell me your opinion ... am I wrong?
I'll post in this regard the pictures of the last graduates of the school of fashion "Domus Academy" in Milan! Although I appreciate the talent and you all know I try to emphasize them because I think they are really the future of fashion and the world, the clothes that I show are really ridiculous not to say absurd and ugly! So, please, if you are or want to become a designers do not waxed to create somthing only for surprise people (often in a bad way), remember that class sells and for sure it will make you more popular!
Less Is More!


domenica 20 luglio 2014

GQ Inspiration

Good evening citizens!
How are you? I'm very well! My summer goes wonderfully and I'm enjoying it! Since I have a lot of free time these days I have also given me to art and creativity!

I did take some photos from my friend, my sister is then stepped in with a slight touch of "photoshop" and this is the result! What do you think?
The inspiration came to me from a fashion shoot for GQ some time ago! I hope you like it!