sabato 24 dicembre 2011

Marry Christmas

Hello everyone !
Christmas is arriving, i didn't wish you a marry christmas yet..... In this post I would sum up the history of my blog.... I talked about a lot of things, people and events... I presented new talents , talked about big designer and supermodels and proposed some fashion events but my favourite post is the one that I dedicated to Halloween ! What's your ? There is  some topics that you like to discuss and I didn't talk already ? Leave a comment and in the next year we will have all the time to talking about it !
In this last post of the year I would take inspiration from two of my old posts "The white robe" and "Diamonds"...
Infact what's the best thing of the winter ? Snow obviously !So white dresses , diamods snow flakes and fur hats and bags !
Here is a collection of  snow inspired pics..... And with this I finish the blog for this year, hoping to re- find all of you next year !

Behnaz Sarafpour

Gianfranco Ferrè

Simonetta Ravizza

Yves Saint Lauren

Miu Miu


Pasquale Bruni



venerdì 16 dicembre 2011

Style D'antan

Hello everyone !!
I miss you ! But I have to study so have too few time for writing....anyway , now, I'm here ad I want to talk about the granny style....
There's a big differece between the granny style and the vintage clothes... The first is a mode, new clothes that are re-designed with the ispiration from the grandmother's wardrobe, instead the vintage clothes are clothes that are old  and made in the sixties or seventies....
Frankly speaking i prefer Vintage , but in the last times the trend of the granny style is even more popular....
Here is a little selection of clothes that rappresent the granny style....
P.s. Special thanks to for the photos !

Christian Dior

Diane von Furstenberg



Fabiana Filippi


Alexander Mcqueen

Marta Ferri

lunedì 12 dicembre 2011

White robe

Hello everyone !!
In this period i'm a little bit stressed, cause I'm studying for university's exams and so I haven't lot fo time for writing....anyway, after the LBD there's the opposite... the white dresses.
White is a very difficult color to wear, because It has to be skinny for wearing it in the right way, it's very easy to get dirty. The positive thing s that you can wear it with any other color ( even better than black that goes not with brown for exemple...). White is the color of the winter and of the summer too. you could wear it when you like during the year, the best passpartout ever !
Here is a collection of white dresses and accessories, I hope you ike it !



Giambattista Valli



Jil Sander

Miu Miu

Alexander Mcqueen

lunedì 5 dicembre 2011

Little Black Dress

Hello everyone !!
What's the evergreen of the winter ?? The little black dress obviously ! In the real life the L.B.D will weared in every season, in the evening , at the party..... Everywhere ! But in winter the L.B.D gets the maximum appeal. It's elegant , Pretty end confortable (even for the girls that are not very skinny )..... it's really easy to combine with shoes , bags end especially jewels !
No matter what shape and fabric it comes in. Any model is accepted. It survives in all climates and social or economic conditions.
But I don’t like it when the LBD becomes a sort of uniform, a way to quickly work out what to wear on a night out or at an event without having to use your head.There are a lot of colors and tissues to choose... Be Creative !!
So LBD but as last choise !Tell me what you think about !
What's your preferred outfit?
Here is some new proposition from the word's Catwalks !




Silvio Betterelli


Cheap Monday


sabato 3 dicembre 2011

Karishma Shahani

Hello everyone !
It's december and we can start to talk about Christmas ! But we'll don't do it because , sincerely, the Tv talked already enought about this.... at least in Italy !!
So, tallk we abut fashion that is more important and amazing ! Here is the last designer that I found for you ....
She's graduated at the London Collage of Fashion and she's very young !
Anyway....I chose to present her not much for the dresses , that are beautyfull too, but for the choise of the colors that are rally fantastic !!!! Especially in the photo here on the right... I'm interesting in the creativity she put in making the photos. They show at the same time the total look and the particular of the dress....
Very Nice !