mercoledì 31 ottobre 2012

Gothic Halloween

Hello to all!
How could I not write a post about halloween?
Here I am! But of course will be a post of class and style!
My interpretation of the horror festival ... gothic clothing, one color and very mysterious. in parades F / W! 2/13
Here are some ideas for a party this evening ;)

The cover is by Tim Burton for Harper's Bazaar!

Ann Demeulemeester



 Rick Owens

 Roberto Cavalli


giovedì 18 ottobre 2012


Hello to all!
Today I present a beautiful collection of some magnificent jewels combined with high fashion dresses .... I find this combination truly exceptional!
The underlying theme of butterflies are seen as the beginning of a new life ...
In fact, the fashion is good for us, because it makes us feel beautiful and happy and what could be better than a nice dress to feel different and to begin a new stage of life?

martedì 9 ottobre 2012

My new Glasses !

Hello everyone !!
how are you?
The university has started again and I'm once again immersed in books!
But a few days ago was my birthday .... and to celebrate I bought myself a new pair of glasses ..... By Carrera of course (my favorite glasses ...)

Tell me what you think!

martedì 2 ottobre 2012

Folies Parisiennes 2

Hello to all!
Paris fashion week ends today ... And thankfully the latest fashion shows were really unforgettable!
Finally K. L. Chanel presents a collection that I like .... lacked a bit 'indeed!
Fully in line with the characteristic lines of the house! Many interesting innovations ... From the lines to the volumes vary widely, with feather and light fabrics ... Not the best of his life but I have to say that Karl did a great job!

The comparison is impossible! The parade most beautiful I've seen is undoubtedly the Giambattista Valli! The sophistication of the clothes, the delicacy and refinement of the tissue cutting and volumes give us a great result!
The clothes are also very portable and modernity very interesting!

Very interesting the show of Chloe!
refined, elegant and classy. Clothes very special (not just to wear every day) but very beautiful!
Even the use of colors is very well balanced, soft colors combined with white / black give a true and prorpio summer mood and young!

See you tomorrow for the last review from Paris !!!!