domenica 9 febbraio 2014

Celebrate !

Hello citizens, as you have spent the weekend? personally ..... big time! Evening at the Extra Time in Padua with great people and lots of fun! V's birthday was unforgettable. A really dear friend! 
Anyway I hope you enjoyed you too ... Celebrate in style and enjoy yourself as you can and when you do not know why you should be happy, remember that (as Walt Disney said) it's funny try to do the impossible!

mercoledì 5 febbraio 2014


Goodmorning Citizens! I'm back!
I've been away from you for too long and I were missing a lot! Did you miss me? how did you spend the holidays?
On my return I thought to bring you some good news or the clothes that I'm going to buy for the upcoming summer season! directly from the catwalks of September!
Do not forget that began the New York Fashion Week! In the days possimi calendars and reviews right here! So stay tuned!

 Balmain total look
 Burberry Prorsum
( the must have is pull with scarf )
 Calvin Klein 
(sweater with printed clouds)
 Byblos total look
 Byblos shirt and shoes