giovedì 28 agosto 2014

Back from Croatia !

Good evening citizens !!
How are you? My holidays in Croatia have come to end unfortunately and I will always remember the beautiful days passed between the sun and the crystal clear sea!
A paradise on earth! Not to mention the fiery evenings in company of people from all over the world who met at parties around the city of Zara (not the store) 
Unfortunately, like all good things, even my vacation is over and now it's back to the daily routine!
Back to write about the exciting and beloved Venice Film Festival (in the next few days a post dedicated to the best look sported inauguration)
But today I want to share with you the good news that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are finally married! In secret of course! It seems that the wedding occurred last week at Chateau Miraval (the house that the couple owns in France), to accompany the bride to the altar were her children! Nothing rumors instead with regard to the dress, no one knows something about the designer who designed it! A mystery worthy of a book of Sherlock Holmes!

Meanwhile, I salute you and give you an appointment for the next days with the review directly from the Red Carpet of the Venice Film Festival !!

mercoledì 13 agosto 2014

Happy Holidays , Goodbye !

Good morning citizens!
How are you? I'm sorry not to have posted anything in the last few days but I am very busy with the move into my new home! Unfortunately now for another 10 days will not be there because tomorrow I leave for the holidays! I will spend my holidays in Sukosan in Croatia (though the name seems Japanese XD), on my return I will show you the pictures taken and I will tell my holidays on the boat of friends with whom we will visit some of the islands off the Croatian coast !
I take the 'opportunity to sautarvi and wish you happy holidays! I'll see you when I get back !!


venerdì 1 agosto 2014

Lady Gaga ft. Tony Bennett

Good afternoon citizens!
how are you? Today I propose a news,that maybe some of  you (and I refer to American readers) already know, but here in Italy is a fresh news!
It seems that Lady Gaga, after the disappointing album "Artpop" have decided to try again with releasing an album in collaboration with singer Tony Bennett (known voice of American jazz and swing music)!
The album (which is available now on I-Tunes a single: Anything Goes) is clearly inspired to the world of jazz, leaving little space for pop music. Now just see how the audience will react ... Lady Gaga will be reborn like a phoenix from its ashes or  this album will mark the disappearance from the scene of Lady Germanotta?
We'll see!