venerdì 24 febbraio 2012

Milan sweet Milan 3

Hello !!
Between a show and an other one I found the time for give you the third review from Milan fashion week !
Till now I really like what I see : elegance and ghotic style are predominant.... yesterday the Day of the Big...

First of all Prada ! One of the Anna Wintour's magnificent 7 ! As alway Miss Prada surprised everyone ! A little bit ghotic too... but  very eccletic ! the collection is very particular and innovative ! geometric prints on the tissues and particular precious details  ! The smooky make-up is always present. Miuccia Prada said about the show :"redefine today women's day wear clothing and give it a majestic air, almost regal ". Great Work !!

Other big of yesterday is Fendi ! elegance made of contrasts, overlapping and mixing of fabrics. Naturally ther's a lot of furs , mixed with velvet,chiffon, silk, feathers, lace and knits ! a riot of detail and interesting combinations ! Applause to Karl lagherfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi !

Next ! Krizia ! An other fall collection... a few of black, the most used color is light bown with orange , yellow and sand ! Wonderfull, there are alittle bit of fur (I love them !) Very fluent and light fabrics , a little re-call to the etnic-style , the evening dresses make me think to a Arica's queen ! I really like it !

The last one for today ! Max Mara. The most andrognous sgow I ever seen ! When it starts I thought I was at a male show !! Some clothes are quite interesting but a little bit much mascoulin..... just the last cdresses are vaguely female ! What do you think about ? I have to say that I quite like the show but the clothes are not-wearble.... 

And now..... I go to the Blumarine shows... Tomorrow I'll return with the news of today ! Bye bye !!

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  1. the Prada's collection was very impressive. I like so much.


  2. The Prada show was amazing!!!!

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  3. omg how cool is it that you were at milan fashion week!