martedì 25 settembre 2012

Magic Milan day 6

today, unfortunately, ends the Milan fashion week ....
but not before to have you reviewed the last two wonderful shows!

First I want to tell is Roberto Cavalli!
Special guest Sharon Stone! The collection seems to be ispiarata her, the white is absolute in the clothes she gradually undergoes the infiltration of black until you get to evening dresses entirely of blacks with very sexy transparent! In fact, Sharon Stone's characters are either "initially" perfect, but turn out to be the most ruthless and dark (I think of movies like Catwoman or Basic Instinct 2) the collection is in any case gorgeous!

 Another inevitable brand of fashion week is Gianfranco Ferre!
All black and white here, but much more distinct .... rigid and heavy fabrics
amschili very sharp and cuts, minimum lengths.
All details that give a picture of a woman confident and very determined. Fun element was the final line of clothes ... They were all colored! Clothing other than qulli seen on the catwalk ... The moral? "The black and white as the synthesis of all colors" Really a wonderful idea!

This the last review for the Milan fashion week... this evening or tomorrow the calendar of Paris fahion week tht is started today !!

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  1. Love both of them. Ferré is more sophisticated while Cavalli is more sexy and bolder :)

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  2. U R right ! And Roberto is more funny ! U have to know him ! ;)
    looking out yours reviews !
    xo xo