sabato 29 settembre 2012

Folies Parisiennes

Hello to all!
started a few days ago the Paris fashion week .... I could not follow it as I wanted to personal commitments, but I have very detailed accounts of all the major fashion shows!
I must say that this year I was very surprised .... Some big brands have disappointed .... and smaller brands rather have excelled in creativity and sophistication!
The first one, not completely, I was disappointed it was just one of the Big Christian Dior! Incredible! Maybe because I loved the style of JohnGalliano but the style that they are taking the last collection I did not like it at all!
Not all of them were bad, but some were a real punch in the eye! tissues and bizarre forms very unlikely ... Some clothes seem to put them out of pure coincidence, and others are very boring! Not even the latest clothes (which are usually the most beautiful) impressed me crabs although I must say that they were the most beautiful collection .... What do you think? Only I do not like this show?

I saw all the shows but I must say that I found very few to my liking (even if the best brands are yet to pesent). in any case, I noticed that the micro-collection of Vionnet is very pretty. Only long dresses sexy and classy, I was very impressed and teach us something very important! there is no need to exaggerate in order to get noticed, a
simple and well-done collection of  much more beautiful than a collection with 80 looks, and all equal to each other ... As Anna Wintour says (and not only) Less is More!

I hope that the situation will improve in the coming days ... I can not wait to see the parade of Giambattista Valli, October 1st !!
See you soon 
 xo xo  

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  1. Sono un pò rimasto perplesso dalla sfilata Dior... non so ma John Galliano secondo me rappresentava meglio l'essenza di Dior :)

    WhiteCloset Fashion Blog

  2. I'm totally agree with U ! Galliano is MUCH BETTER !!