giovedì 20 settembre 2012

Magic Milan Day 1

Hello to all!
I'm very busy with the parade of Milan ... but I always have a bit of time to write to you the news from the catwalks!
As they say, Milan is the number 1 ... everyone loves the Italian style! The elegance and Italian class is unique!
First and most famous, the first day, is Gucci!
The colorblocking is the element of inspiration ... All dresses are monochromatic and very bright!
Many flounces and ruffles adorn the tunics and mini-dress! Frida Giannini has amazed us again!

Another wonder of the first day is the show of Alberta Ferretti!
Dresses intangible, ethereal and that seem tattooed on the skin of the models!
The colors are shades of pearl, blue and black.
The modlle look like angels who came down to earth, elegance and chic beyond imagination!

The last brand that I saw yesterday was # 21
the whole collection has been expired for printed fabrics, the most common one of a Greek goddess on a blue background. Very impact and perfectly integrated in outfits even if very large. The collection is small and a few animals but very elegant and strong impact if worn the right way!

  Now back to follow the fashion shows and events ... ivediamo us tomorrow for perossime news! XO XO

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  1. La sfilata Gucci è stata fenomenale. I colori e i volant erano meravigliosi :)

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  2. bella italia ^^

    i love the gucci show super great love the color woow !!!

    come check out my blog