mercoledì 21 marzo 2012

Vogue Netherlands

Good morning fans !

After the ending of the world's fashion shows I took some time for relaxing (and attending the university lessons !) For the return on the web I tought to a big new ! And what is a biggest new that the opening of a new Vogue issue ?? In fact in April,  Condè Nast decides to publish the hollander version of the bible of fashion !
The editor in chief is karin Swerink and here on the right the first cover (the april issue) .
The cover stars are the Dutch model Romee Strijd, in an Acne dress, alongside Ymre Stiekema in Valentino and Josefien Rodermans in Chanel, photographed by Marc De Groot.
From today to the whole month of april you can find the First issue of Vogue Netherlands on the news-stand !
Run to buy it ! It will be a collection issue !

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