lunedì 5 marzo 2012

A dream in Paris 4

Hello !!!
I'm back with the leatest news from Paris Fashion Week ! A lot of fun , a lot of ideas and a lot of dresses...  I wanna live in Paris forever !!!
In these days some Big presented !
Firstly John Galliano ! I felt as I was in Ascot during a Horse racing ! The hats were wonderfull and the collection in general liked me a lot !
Earth colors, baggy clothing alternate with more rigorous and simple.Stockings Suspenders on sight, checkered prints ... The elements of a modern style bohemieen.The fluidity of evening dresses ... It seems to see the models dressed in fog and clouds.. Fantastic

And now the British that decided to present her collections in Paris ! Vivienne Westwood !
Crazy as usual! The models wear 15 cm heels, torn stockings and clothes stolen from the male wardrobe. A decayed dancer who relives the golden years.She puts the costumes for the last time and ,a little confused , go on the catwalk! Very nice collection!

And finally Jean Paul Gaultier  ! A little bit undestated as  his collection... but  interesting.
Classic pastel colors, are interspersed with touches of bright color: orange fur and bright red belts. Skirts and bronze-rolled dresses give to the look a touch of rock and roll. The last dress is wonderfull (the first here).... it looks like a painting of picasso !!

This is the end of this review ! In the next days the last one from Paris!! xo xo

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  1. I'm totally mesmerized by the JPGaultier's collection. Love the dark tones with a splash of color and asymmetrical silhouettes.
    Thanks for sharing.

    DC2NYConfessions Blog

  2. It must breath taking to be in Paris especially at fashion week. Love your blog and especially that page backdrop!

    xx Mandi

  3. All of them are great but my favorite collection is Jean Paul Gaultier's ! Amazing!
    Follow your amazing blog and it would be great if you visit my blog and follow me too!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  4. Hi!
    Thanks for commenting my blog, I love your blog so I'm now following it=) Would be nice to see you follow me too!