giovedì 1 marzo 2012

A dream in Paris 2

Bonjour mes amis !!
Between a Croissant and a Crèpe I'm writing to you about the shows !
Paris is a wonderfull city, even without the shows it always remains wonderfull !! The atmosphere that you live in Paris is the most wonderfull in the word !!

Let's begin with the reportage !!
First of all Rochas ! Very inspired by 70's and the nerd style ! Big glasses and oversize pull gives to the model a look like a librarian ! Not all the shows was so.... some pieces was very femminine and elegant ! The evening dresses (even if they're unwearable in the real life) was perfect for a shooting !!

The next one... Dries Van Noten. The collecction looks made for me ! Not for the dresses but for the colors ! All is blue and black (my favourite colors) even if there is some orange pieces.... Th forms and the cuts are interesting, even the oriental-inspired printing are not bad !!

The last one for today is Guy Laroche ! An other fantastic shows. two are the main elements ! Black and yellow ! A lot of black dresses with fluid fabrics and a mix of innovative materials ! Instead the yellow dresses are.... sparkling ! paillettes and lameè ! Cute !

In two days the next review ! Meanwhile... au revoir   !!!!

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