sabato 3 marzo 2012

A dream in Paris 3

Bonjour !!
Today we continue the reviews from the French shows !

firstly one of the Big ! Christian Dior !The collection was wonderfull !! i loved the mix of the materials ( chifon, lurex, furs etc..) the neutral colors and the fantastic details ! The processing of the fabrics is incomparable ! Is not a coincidence that Dior is one of the most famous brand in the World !!

Next... Lanvin ! The shows was divided in three... The first part was composed by solid-color dresses (in a lot of bright color ) nice ! The second part was all dedicated to the black dresses (bit boring)...the most interesting part was the last one. No evning dresses but a strong look, big necklaces (wonderfull) and very interesting details on the mini-dresses ! Do not miss it !!

Very strange, instead, the Ann Demeulemeester show ! A look like "Edward Scissorhands" , very strong and incisive. Black and blue were the only two colors she used ! Not much to say... just look !!

I m very impressed by the Sharon Wauchob show ! I liked the look of the models.... very elegant and sober... but young and glamours at the same time !! Neutral colors and precious details made a very lassy allure !!

this is the end of this review ! in the next days the others !! xo xo

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