mercoledì 29 maggio 2013

Vincent Billeci

Hallo to all !!
Sometimes the expert journalists of Vogue Italia found some new fashion talents ! I choose for U Vincent Billeci from Italy !
Here is a presentation of him and some pics of his last collection !
Enjoy it !
Vincent, born Vincenzo Billeci, chose to change his name to make it sound more ‘French’ when he was very young. Paris for him was an ideal, the symbol of the opulent pomp couture he wanted to quote in his pseudonym. He studied the theory of fashion attending also practical courses that today enable him to follow all the stages of production. Since his debut, he has been creating his clothes in an atelier in Palermo, alongside accessories, created in collaboration with a silversmith in town.
The Fall Winter 2013-14 collection recalls the mood of religious feasts; the ‘candy’ effect surrounding cities in the South, with the moonstones and the sickening caramel smell coming from stalls. Organza, leather and faux leather, lace and macramé, cotton and spider web hemp textiles are combined with a modern graphic twist: a contemporary baroque. The iridescent effect of mint green or cool white blend with black, pink and white. The religious theme is ever-present in Vincent’s aesthetics; the clutch with the silver rose detail is,
for instance, a reference to the cart of Saint Rosalia. He has the need to quote traditions untying them from stereotypes. "My productions enjoy playful sensations that keep going along a rigorous path; an oxymoron that is breathed in constantly in the places of  my childhood. My fashion means to be sensuous, but never provoking or excessive."

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