martedì 14 maggio 2013

Coca-Cola changes name after 127 years

Hallo to all !!
A little out-of-topic for today... infact I post about Coca Cola !
After  127 years (May 8, resorted, in fact, the birthday of the drink) Coca-Cola changes its name. Indeed. Change names. From May to August, in fact, the drink with the best-known name in the world, in Italy will be distributed without the written iconic created by Frank Mason Robinson in 1886. In its place, the 150 most popular names in the beautiful country (next to generic nicknames like "The Professor", "type", "team"). An operation, called Share a Coke, which happens to be the most impressive customization campaign ever made and was created for, as the Director of Marketing Coca-Cola Italy, "to be closer to our audience and become more and more , the drink of all. "

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