venerdì 24 maggio 2013

A little bit of Art : Studio Voltaire

Hello to all !!
Today I want to talk to U about Art !! Recently I'm very interested in Contemporary Art and I want to support the new talents ! The ispiration come from the Studio Voltaire of London that is a leading independent contemporary arts organisation that exists to support artistic practices and create a space for thinking, experimentation and reflection; its main activities are the provision of affordable studios, a renowned programme of exhibitions, performances and commissions, and a pioneering education programme.
The foudress of this amazing space is Valeria Napoleone who's one of the most popular italian art collector. Actually she lives in London and help the new artists !!
She's my idol !
I wuold like do the same thing in my blog.... If you know some artists or people that are good in arts , inting or sculpture  tell me ! I dedicate him/her all the space he want in my blog !!

Here's the link of Studio Voltaire :

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