martedì 22 luglio 2014

Sometimes is Too Much

Good afternoon citizens!
how are you? today I want to talk about a bit controversial topic... the style and class!
First let me say that in recent years the class is definitely lost ... a few remained, designers, offering a classy collections, suitable for everyone and objectively beautiful!
The thing that bothers me the most is that the new generation of designers comed out of fashion schools are drifting creativity just to prove to be able to create avante-garde something , then ending up in ridiculous and kich!
Maybe I can be against the majority ... I do not know and I do not care because I think that's the beauty of the fashion world is that everyone is free to say what you think! Tell me your opinion ... am I wrong?
I'll post in this regard the pictures of the last graduates of the school of fashion "Domus Academy" in Milan! Although I appreciate the talent and you all know I try to emphasize them because I think they are really the future of fashion and the world, the clothes that I show are really ridiculous not to say absurd and ugly! So, please, if you are or want to become a designers do not waxed to create somthing only for surprise people (often in a bad way), remember that class sells and for sure it will make you more popular!
Less Is More!


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