lunedì 7 luglio 2014

Christian Dior Haute couture (2005-2008)

Good morning citizens
I saw with pleasure that my last post on haute couture was very much appreciated!
However, even I am most looking forward to this theme I thought to offer during the course of this summer, a selection of brands that I think are more rappresentative of  high fashion. I wanted to do it but in a different way from usual .... I have trawled various archives and I tried to do a review of the past decade of fashion shows for a designer of high fashion ,each time different. Today I present the history of high fashion-meason "Christian Dior"! From the season F/W 05/06 to F/W 13/14

 Hope you like it! and remind that by pressing on the side "follow this blog" button you'll always be updated on new posts!


Fall/Winter 2005/2006

Spring/Summer 2006

Fall/Winter 2006/2007

 Spring-Summer 2007

 Fall/Winter 2007/2008

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