lunedì 30 giugno 2014

Hollywood and the Bracelets

Alexander McQueen
Good evening citizens
I regret not having published anything these days but I've been busy! Well yes, last night I had a wonderful night at Hollywood, a fantastic disco in Bardolino (at the Garda Lake).
as you well know I like to celebrate all things, it is always a good excuse to drink and have fun!
We continue to talk about trends for the summer (which has now also arrived even here) and I hope it will be an unforgettable summer!
Do you remember the post where I spoke of the trend of the gold dress? Well even the accessories this summer 'must be at least gold or diamonds for the evening and to call out the afro/chic looks, trend for summer 2014, here are some suggestions, not exactly cheap, but you can  copy them .


Paula Mendoza




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