martedì 9 aprile 2013

The Gaga Gate continues

Hello to all!
Today I continue to talk about the case that I found out about Lady Gaga .... I searched a bit around and found this nice little article published on :

"The details are those of the 14 pages of documentary evidence, including numerous exchanges of mail, the former assistant Jennifer 'O Neill (who called to the bar Lady Germanotta for a refund of several hundred thousands of dollars in overtime) filed in court and on which, needless to say, the reporters were reckless.

He learns that Lady Gaga at the Monster Ball Tour hopes in his dressing room a mannequin with pubic hair pink. Or that the pop star is a true champion of bargaining. Also as reported by former assistant, Gaga would have asked for a discount of two thousand pounds for a dress that was later acquired.

By exchanges of e-mails is not clear, however, nothing scandalous if not some ordinary superstar tantrum. And then we have to evolve. A demonstration of the fact that the problem is not the money but the principle (as Gaga has said the same, it's the pain of having lost a friend to an economic issue), Mother Monster have decided to donate the amount for which it was cited new assistant affected by breast cancer. A move to great effect, which we hope is not just pure marketing. "

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