martedì 23 aprile 2013

Asaf Avidan

Hallo to all !!
Tody I post for you an interesting interview with the singer Asaf Avidan ! Enjoy it !

How did the collaboration with Dondup come up? In what way do you think your songs inspired Manuela Mariotti and the Dondup collection?
I think I got a mail from Manu. I saw her work, and was curious to meet her. Once we met it was obvious we wanted to do something together. She told me that my music was the soundtrack for her days of designing that line. Music has a way of being interpreted and molded into emotions and actions. That's the magic of it.
How did you become so fascinated with rock and American folk?
My parents lived for a long while in New York during the 70's... They had an amazing record collection of rock, folk, blues and jazz.
How about your voice? when and how did you realize you could use it as a form of art?
About six years ago I was an animator with no musical background or inspiration. I was going through a rough breakup and a broken heart, and I found that vocalizing my feelings with music , helped me understand myself better. The voice came as a result of all the hidden emotions and thoughts that needed to come out with all the pain of what I was going through.
How much of Israel  is in your music and the way you perform, I mean has the complexity of the middle east situation influenced you, if yes how?
None at all... I write about universals subjects like death, love and hope... You don't need a specific passport to understand them. I'm an artist from Israel. Not an Israeli artist.
Are there any talented Israeli fashion designers that you know and would like to mention?
There is David Sassoon, an amazingly talented and humble designer , and his stylist Edward El Camino. About 80% of my wardrobe is David's.  He has a simplicity and elegance, and a knack for designing for skinny guys. You should definitely check him out.
Fashion is more and more attracted by rock and roll at its wildest: what do you think of fashion?
I think fashion is hooked on a small cliche of rock and roll... And I think people are starting to mix up music with external accessories . Music is a deep and profound art form with more meaning than some mouse in your hair or a cool tshirt. I think if fashion designers respect the complexity of musicians , than it can be a very strong connection. Much like music and videos.
What is the favourite item in your wardrobe? what do you pack in your suitcase?I have two sets of leather suspenders that I wear for every show.
Where do you leave and work today and where do you see yourself in the future?I have an apartment in tel aviv near the beach and that is where all my belongings are. But to call that my home is weird, because most of the time I'm on the tour bus or in hotels. I'm a traveling circus now. I hope I can buy a nice old house in Italy and renovate it... With some horses and grape vines and some olive trees.
What about social networks? are you on any?
I operate my facebook page and that's enough for me.
Future projects?
Touring till the end of the year... then take some time off to sit in front of the sea.

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