sabato 11 agosto 2012

R.I.P. Anna Piaggi

With a sad heart that I announce a sad fact ...
Anna Piaggi is dead .......
was one of the biggest fashion journalist in history! She was eccentric, cheerful, intelligent and highly educated.
She was able to capture the trends of fashion in his columns "DP double page of Anna Piaggi", and not forget it was the first to use the concept of a vintage before that was the word brother.
The same Franca Sozzani remembers it well: "23 years of working together, Thousands of DP Realised together. You will always be remembered Anna"
His creativity has even inspired Karl Lagerfeld, who gave his name to various leaders.
I remember an anecdote scrivndono simpattico on this:
In the documentary The September Issue, Karl  meets Anna Wintour to show the collection and says "this jacket is called Anna," she says, "Thanks!"
Karl then looks at her and says, "Her name is Anna in honor of Anna Piaggi not for you" (this is not seen but you know that was happened)

Anna will always be in our thoughts!

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