lunedì 16 luglio 2012

Swedish holiday

Hello everyone!
I am preparing to pack for my imminent departure for Stockholm.
Yes, this summer I decided to spend my holidays just in Sweden.
But rest assured, I will keep you updated on news and trends even from so far away. Before leaving I decided, however, to inform you a bit 'of some of the trendiest shops in town and glmours (I will visit in person of course).
I'm really curious to find out something more of 'beauty and fashion of this country.
Among the most interesting shops are "Stockholm market" suggests that we live in well-known (Jilll Sanders and Alberta Ferretti) and other local designers and unknown (must see).
We then find the shop Nathalie Schuterman, where will I find dresses by A. Mcqueen matched with items created from the same prorpietaria.
Last note worthy of note is that Stockholm is the headquarters of H & M. ...
I know that I will carry with me two suitcases: one with my clothes and the other to hold all purchases that will do it!

A kiss to all and see you on my return!

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  2. I spend my winter holiday in Sweden two years ago and I loved it. Hope you have lots of fun :)