mercoledì 4 luglio 2012

Paris High Style

Hello !!
My exams are ended and I have whole summer to write for my beloved readers !!
In the last days in Paris were presented the High Fashion Collection ! Fashion become art !
And here a short comment for the three most interesting collection!  Love it ! xo xo

First of all Versace, that presented her collection in the hall of Ritz Hotel in Paris.
A spirited woman, the way that like to Donatella.
Pastel colors and breezy fabrics are mixed with rigid and studded leather corsets.
The well-delineated siluettes give the idea of ​​a parade of women warriors. Alluring and sexy Versace woman is a masterpiece of femmininity. Little curiosity: the ritz Gianni Versace presented his last collection before he was assassinated shortly after Miami.

 The best show of the season for me. The style is very recognizable and Giambattista Valli is proving to be a designer of great talent.
If t the beggining models rediscover a ending-century style with bright colors and large volumes, the second part of the show is dominated by the vision of woman as  new goddess of creation. The green waste and forms are really innovative,  reminescents of leaves , lianas and vines. All without missing a great refinement and elegance that has always characterized this magnificent designer !!

Another talented designer Elie Saab is presenting a collection very elegant and contaminated by clear lines and colors from eastern orientation. The average customer of Elie seems to be a rich Arab woman looking for sophistication and discretion.
Beautiful soft lines of clothing and colors that make the woman a true work of art. The pictures speak for themselves ... a true feast for the eyes!

I decided to not present the collections of great name of fashion as Dior , Armani and Chanel beacuse the last collections are preatty the seame of the others years and they are beacoming a little bit boring ! (in every case if you would you like to see those collection you can coment the post ;)  )
I hope you like this post 
xo xo

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