mercoledì 25 gennaio 2012

High Inspiration 3

Hello everyone !
This is definitely an interesting and unexpected season for the level of research seen in these collections. Yesterday others collections are presented.... here is for you a little review of it !
First of all Chanel, that was a little bit undertone than in previous years... Little dresses inspired by the hostess uniforms, blue in every tone and a lot of black ! Very simple dresses , only few dresses are "hight" ... not in the standards of Chanel... I don't really like this collection , but I love color blue so vote : B+ not more...

Nature and future are the hinges of the show of Giorgio Armani. Dresses in very natural colors, green , and light blue. The materials are instead very technical and futuristic. The Eden of the Future could be the theme of the show. An other time King Giorgio is one of the best in fashion word !! Very good !!

I wait yo tomorrow for the last review from the fashion weck ! BYE

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