venerdì 16 dicembre 2011

Style D'antan

Hello everyone !!
I miss you ! But I have to study so have too few time for writing....anyway , now, I'm here ad I want to talk about the granny style....
There's a big differece between the granny style and the vintage clothes... The first is a mode, new clothes that are re-designed with the ispiration from the grandmother's wardrobe, instead the vintage clothes are clothes that are old  and made in the sixties or seventies....
Frankly speaking i prefer Vintage , but in the last times the trend of the granny style is even more popular....
Here is a little selection of clothes that rappresent the granny style....
P.s. Special thanks to for the photos !

Christian Dior

Diane von Furstenberg



Fabiana Filippi


Alexander Mcqueen

Marta Ferri

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  1. Non mi piace granché questo stile, credo che stia bene solo a pochissime... e come te, preferisco di gran lunga il vintage. :)
    Buona giornata!

  2. I like these, but I prefer authentic vintage clothes for myself. I've also picked up the habit of buying vintage patterns and making the clothes I want and can't find:)

    Great blog!



  3. uoooooou, so beautiful! I loved the hat, especially! Come back to my blog?

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  5. Lovely blog.