lunedì 5 dicembre 2011

Little Black Dress

Hello everyone !!
What's the evergreen of the winter ?? The little black dress obviously ! In the real life the L.B.D will weared in every season, in the evening , at the party..... Everywhere ! But in winter the L.B.D gets the maximum appeal. It's elegant , Pretty end confortable (even for the girls that are not very skinny )..... it's really easy to combine with shoes , bags end especially jewels !
No matter what shape and fabric it comes in. Any model is accepted. It survives in all climates and social or economic conditions.
But I don’t like it when the LBD becomes a sort of uniform, a way to quickly work out what to wear on a night out or at an event without having to use your head.There are a lot of colors and tissues to choose... Be Creative !!
So LBD but as last choise !Tell me what you think about !
What's your preferred outfit?
Here is some new proposition from the word's Catwalks !




Silvio Betterelli


Cheap Monday


6 commenti:

  1. You can never go wrong with a good LBD! I love the Givenchy design especially :)

  2. i love the versace one :)

  3. Dress by Versace is perfect!

  4. The little black dress is so timeless. Although I like the picture of the little black dress from Versace for H&M, I am quite dissapointed in the collection.. What about you?

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, I love reading every single one and you make my day just by stopping by!

    I'd love to hear more from you in the near future!


    Rock 'n Style

    ps. Please, excuse me that I am commenting as ‘Anonymous’. I cannot comment with my own profile. I don’t know why this is en when it will be fixed.

  5. The last one, Uniqueness dress is amazing! love it