martedì 22 novembre 2011

Tel Aviv Fashion Week

Hello everyone !
I write the post of today in english because I think more people will understand.....
So, in these days Tel Aviv is the capital of fashion.... Is taking place the first Fashion Week, during which some new designer are presented.
It isn't a big event, in fact there's an only party, and some shows but the dresses are quite good....
The week are opened with the meeting between Ofir Lev (head of the fashion week) and Mario Boselli (President of the "Camera Nazionale della Moda"). These meeting is very important for Italy, because is the most influence country in the fashion word ! For the partnership Italy-Israel, Roberto Cavalli has created a capsule collection that is showed at the fashion week !
Anyway, here are the most interesting designers of the week.....
(I hope you will understand my bad english :) and tell me if you prefer that I write in english or in Italian  )

Yaniv Persy

 Shai Shalom

 Kedem Sasson

 Yosef Peretz

Roberto Cavalli event collection

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  1. Love all thse collections!


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  4. i like what that guy's wearing from shai shalom.

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  16. You must write in english, because mio italiano is rather bad ;-)