lunedì 28 novembre 2011

Iris van Herper

Hello everyone !!
How are you ? In this post I present an other New Talent... I saw this photos on the Vogue Italia website and I decided to show you....
The photo are very particular but the top of the creativity are th dresses ! They are designed with a lot of lines and it look like a picture made with the spirograph !
My favourite are those with the icy backgound , its so wonderfull !!!
There are photos of her first collection ( S/S 2010), and of the F/W 2010/11 __ S/S 2011 collection !
At the end of this post I want thank every one my follower  ! You are almost 100 !
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I love read your opinions about my posts !
Have a nice Day !!

S/S 2010

F/W 2010-11

S/S 2011

8 commenti:

  1. ohhh iris ♥ love it so much! such a grit design, incredible shapes and arquitecture desing. love it!

  2. Articoli di moda,olá!Obrigada!volte sempre.Já estou te seguindo!

  3. Amazing!! The designs are practically fantasy.... So gorgeous! :)
    Aya of strawberrykoi(.com)

  4. so unique and fabulous at the same time! great finds! ♥ Totally not something to wear on a daily basis but totally fashionable indeed

  5. Hi nice to meet you on my blog and nice to know yours that is very very amazing.
    Unfortunately and strangely I don't follow fashion, but it's a pleasure to know a young and strong passion like yours.
    Thank you for your comment...
    Back to see me when you want

  6. they're one of my favorite brands to look out for at fashion week as they always produce not only clothes, but works of art... some how i think it would be disrespectful to just call them clothes and keep them in a wardrobe! there should be an arts exhibition to showcase their work
    thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know!