domenica 24 marzo 2013

World Water Day

Hello to all!
I just returned from a weekend in Urbino where I had a great time! Because of my absence, I could not write a post two days ago on World Water Day.
That environmental sustainability is an issue that is close to my heart,because scarcity of water in some parts of the world means death !

Many celebrities have given their face as testimonial for this occasion, too. Keira Knightely, Kelly Brook, Kimberly Stewart and Lily Cole posed as sirens for photographer Candice, founder of charity association Fresh2o, for the campaign "Celebrity Underwater", aiming at raising awareness on the scarceness of drinking water in the third world countries. The sales proceedings will be given to the projects of various associations.
I hope you with me you care about this cause and do your best to safeguard this increasingly scarce resource!



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