mercoledì 13 febbraio 2013

New Fashion in New York 2

Hello from Upper East Side!
I feel a little Gossip Girl today! The fashion shows are in full swing and I just managed to find time pescrivervi!
Today I present fashion shows in pandane with my mood the last few days! That is black!

The first one is Vera Wang! From the clothes very geometric and very clean lines with retro style dresses with fur, designer fashion wang aims to impress for elegant style and a touch of glamor to better enjoy both the city and special occasions! Evening dresses are colorful patterns in purple and gold, very nice and break the rigor of the rest of the collection!

A totally different mood  instead for the  Donna Karan's dresses!
Which is inspired by the desert of the Tartars ... a woman who never gives up to elegance! Many blacks clothes but also camel, brown and gray!
Do not miss the fur garments but also very light fluttering and very seductive dresses! The asymmetry of the clothes give an allure of understatement, but with attention for details !

The last designer Thakoon for today! Here too black, but less than others ... Elegant dresses and delicate ... the detail of the dragonfly on some clothes driving me crazy! it's great!

This is the first report from New York! I hope you enjoyed!

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