giovedì 3 gennaio 2013

Craftsmanship on exhibition

Enrico Coveri

 Hello everyone !
I hope you had great time in this holidays !! I had a lot ! In this post I want to inform you about a wondefull exhibition about fashion that is made in Rome....
Until February 10th, the National Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions will host the exhibition La Seduzione dell’Artigianato ovvero: il bello e ben fatto (The charm of craftsmanship, that is, the beautiful and well-made): 130 garments and 61 pieces of accessories by the most prestigious fashion houses that, in recent years, have made Italy synonymous with elegance, style and creativity.
I hope you like the preview !!

Fondazione G. Ferrè

Tiziano Guardini

Silvio Giardina


Renato Balestra


Laura Biagiotti - Andrè Laug


G. Colangelo - F. Scognamiglio

Emili Schuberth

Guillermo Mariotto per Gattinoni Couture

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