sabato 9 giugno 2012

Royal Jubilee

Hello everyone!
I returned to writing after a hiatus and working very intense, but how could I not write a post in honor of Her Majesty Elizabeth II?
To celebrate her diamond jubilee designers and jewelers from around the world have created collections inspired by the beloved sovereign. Here you see the crown on the side that Roberto Cavalli donates  to the Queen. A tiara inspired by nature rich in precious stones! A true work of art!
Although more modest  pieces . Beautiful creations of artists from London and not inspired by the world's most famous monarchy!

Annoushka by Wendie Yue

Garrard by Stephen Webster

Theo Fennel
Soloange Azagury Partridge
Georg Jensen by Regitze Overgaard

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  1. Love the Cavalli crown! :-)