giovedì 17 maggio 2012

Starry sky

Hello dears !
I'm really going crazy with these tests! Anyway, I'm back with a new trends post . Bright fabrics, paiettes, stones and diamonds. in addition to the blue course. other than "Starry sky" would be?
Here you are my choices for a summer  luxurious evening and a little 'quirky. I hope you like it. The brands selected are somewhat "expencive" but know that you can get a similar look with clothes much cheaper and equally beautiful!
Just remember that blue flower prints are absolutely everywhere this summer!
Let me know where you will spend the holidays so we can exchange tips on the most glamorous fashion clubs!

Christian Dior

 Corto Moltedo

Donna Karan

John Galliano

 Marco Bologna


 Pollini for Manish Arora

3 commenti:

  1. wow...amazing dress!! love blu :)))

  2. Very nice my friend!


  3. The Dior dress is amazing


    Have a nice weekend :)